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Current Rust & DayZ SA News

Here we will keep up to date with the latest DayZ and Rust news and updates.

Current Rust, DayZ & 7 Days To Die News


Bring new levels of efficiency and unlock new avenues for automation with this month's set of Industrial entities. With these new tools you can move items around your base as well as craft items automatically without you needing to lift a finger.

Storage Adaptor

The Storage Adaptor is the starting point for most of your Industrial plans - simply attach an adaptor to an existing storage entity to make that entity compatible with your Industrial systems. The adaptor does not require power.

Some entities have more than one slot that a storage adaptor can be attached to for ease of placement. Typically the storage adaptor can use all inventory slots on it's attached storage for input/output, although there are some exceptions:

  • When attached to a furnace the Input will insert items into the Fuel/Inputs item slots while the output will remove items from the output slots

  • When attached to a locker the storage adaptor will only access one partition, to access all partitions you'll need to place three storage adaptors

  • The storage adaptor is compatible with:

  • Tool Cupboard

  • Large Wooden Box

  • Small Wooden Box

  • Small Furnace

  • Large Furnace

  • Refinery

  • Electric Furnace

  • Locker

  • Fridge

  • Drop box

  • Vending Machine

Industrial Conveyor

The Conveyor is responsible for moving items from one entity to another, generally via Storage Adaptors. Once powered and turned on the conveyor will look for items in containers connected to its inputs and then divide those items amongst its outputs. 

By default, a Conveyor will move any item it can find, but you can also assign a filter to have more precise control over exactly what items you're moving. Each Conveyor's filter can have up to 12 items or categories (resources/components/clothing/etc). When a filter is assigned the Conveyor will only transfer items that pass those conditions. You can also assign values to each item in a filter to control quantities, by setting the Maximum amount (don't send resources if the target container has over X of that resource already) and Minimum amount (only send resources in a minimum batch of X size).


You'll also find a Filter Pass and Filter Fail electrical passthrough, these will activate based on the current state of the conveyor allowing you to control other parts of the Industrial network based on what items are being moved around. 

Pipe Tool

The Pipe Tool is how you connect Industrial entities - if you've used the Wire or Hose tool before you'll be right at home. Pipes come in 4 colours to help identify what's going where. The same distance rules apply here except that the anchor points need to be a small distance apart from one another and that pipes cannot go through building blocks or Vending Machines. They can however go through deployables like doors.

Industrial Splitter/Combiner

These work as you'd expect, allowing you to funnel or split the flow of items. In the case of a splitter connected to the output of a Conveyor, the Conveyor will spread its resources across all of its connections (eg. a Conveyor connected to a splitter which connects to three boxes that want to send 600 wood will send 200 wood to each box).

Industrial Crafter

Once attached to a workbench, (any tier) the Industrial Crafter allows you to automatically craft items once provided with a blueprint and the required materials. Simply insert the blueprint of your choice in the blueprint slot, insert the required materials, connect some power and turn it on to start producing items. 

The Industrial Crafter has built-in Industrial slots (so no need for an adaptor) so that you can use Conveyors to insert materials and then extract the finished result. There is also a Blueprint In/Out Industrial slot allowing you to swap out the blueprint being crafted. The Crafter can only craft items that are appropriate for the workbench it's attached to and will take the same amount of time to craft an item as a player would.

Electric Furnace

To complement the Industrial items we're also releasing the new Electric Furnace. It works similarly to other furnaces with a slightly accelerated smelting rate except that it requires power instead of a fuel item. This also means that it doesn't produce charcoal.

                                                                                       Check out this link for video on the Industrial Update for Rust


Current News

We check for and post up to date news on Wednesday of every week!

Rust Update

Prototype 17 This month we bring you a new pistol, caboose, blackjack, and Twitch drops, along with more fixes and improvements. 03 NOVEMBER 2022

November 19th-21st

There will be 48 hours of exclusive drops on the Rustafied channel along with all of the creator/special guest channels participating in the event.

November 19th-26th

The generic drops can be obtained from any channel streaming Rust that has drops enabled.  These drops go for the entire week!


Don't forget to get your accounts synced at to ensure you can claim your drops!

We will have an array of Charity skins on the item store for sale as well, starting Thursday the 17th.  These will be account-bound (cannot trade or sell them) as the proceeds from them go to World Central Kitchen.


The official Rust companion app – stay connected to the game so you never miss an important moment again. Coordinate with your team, receive alerts when you’re being raided, remotely set off traps, and more!

Currend DayZ News

We’re releasing our first update of 2023 today! Say hello to update 1.20!

We’ve already started gearing up for a full year of DayZ support, and felt it would be wise to spend a bit of time tackling various issues and addressing all the feedback we received during our very busy developmental phase last year.

You might find update 1.20 lacking in the content department, but it certainly makes up for that with a wide variety of fixes and changes. There are far too many to mention them all here, but some of our favorites include more vehicle fixes, a resolved ADS bug, connectivity indicators, and improvements to the third-person camera. If you’d like to learn more about everything update 1.20 brings to the table, head on over to our official forums and check out the change notes

While we’re very happy to kick off the year with update 1.20, we’d also like to discuss what’s in store for the rest of 2023. As we teased in a recent live stream, this year is going to be a little bit different. One thing we’d like to clarify is that we will definitely be supporting the game throughout 2023. The content of future updates, however, will be a lot more dynamic in nature, and won’t always deliver the usual template of “gun, feature, bug fix”. The reason for this is because we plan on expanding our focus regarding the possibilities of the DayZ game, brand, and team itself. We can’t offer too many details at the moment, but the following are a few of the areas we’ve begun to look into as possible additions to future updates.

Character cosmetics will play a huge role in every update this year. We’d like to grow what is already a massive collection by increasing the variety of loot to be found and offering even more amazing clothes to wear. Don’t expect us to follow other popular games with an abundant amount of pink skins. Think backpacks and survival themes and outfits that exemplify the DayZ brand.


Another element we intend to update later this year is the iconic northwest airfield (NWAF) on Chernarus. Our primary focus will be to simplify the airfield’s layout and make the runway and taxiways more authentic. Obviously a change to this location is a substantial project and will require synchronization with a total server wipe.


We also plan on focusing more on infected AI this year. We’d like to change the way they move through the environment, as well as how you battle them. There are a number of factors regarding this subject that require further investigation, so we can’t share much more info with you at present. But suffice it to say that the changes we’re considering have great potential to change the PvE aspect of the game for the better.


Following last year’s addition of Steam achievements in update 1.18, we’ve spent some time thinking about how we can expand the selection of available trophies/achievements. We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves and will be offering additional challenges later this year for all you completists out there.

This year will be less about firearms as we feel there is generally a good variety present and we would rather invest our resources into other features. We would also like to give more attention to some quality of life changes, similar to what we did in the 1.20 update. Furthermore, we will continue the trend of offering more tools to server owners, with our primary focus oriented towards console communities and the ability to manage their server.

That’s pretty much it for now. We’re really looking forward to another year of great adventures and hope you’ll continue to enjoy them with us!

On behalf of the DayZ team,


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